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Don’t try pulling the wool over the eyes of these lie detectives

icSurreyOnline 1 June 2005

Reporter MAHEESHA KOTTEGODA takes a lesson from lie detectives at fraud detection company, Absolute, to discover how to spot dishonesty by clever questioning and listening intently. […] Desk detectives at Wood Street are trained to pick up on the tell-tale signs of dishonesty on behalf of insurance giants like esure and Legal and General, as well as credit card companies. Within the space of a phone call or two, call handlers can judge whether claimants are genuine by using forensic psychology and specialised interviewing techniques. Essentially, in its simplest form, it boils down to the way a story is told, the language used and the level of emotion expressed.

[Thank you to the LIE-DETECTION list for highlighting this one]

I know you’re lying. Your brain waves are moving

New Jersey Star-Ledger, 25 May 2005

Julian Keenan can tell if you’re lying, even if your pants aren’t on fire. Keenan, a cognitive neuropsychologist at Montclair State University, is working on a foolproof method of detecting lies, one he hopes will replace the polygraph test. He uses a machine that scans brain waves, which register a change when someone is lying or trying to detect a lie, he says. In Keenan’s words, ‘The right frontal cortex gets very excited.’

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