Newsflash for Aussies!

If you’re in Australia, and you’re interested in deception, you may well have seen the SBS Insight one hour programme “Liar liar” today at 7.30pm which is now yesterday in Australia… But it’s repeated Friday 25th August at 1pm and Monday 28th August at 2pm so if you missed it you’ll get another chance.

More details here, where you can also purchase a recording of the programme (but only if you happen to be purchasing on behalf of an Australian Educational Institution, dammit). The rest of us will have to watch the programme online here eventually. It doesn’t seem to be up yet, but whilst you’re waiting for the video you can check out the transcript.

Many thanks to David Mallard (Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Australia’s Charles Sturt University) who highlighted this programme on his Psy-Blawg!

UPDATE! David Mallard has posted a review of the programme today (23 Aug)!

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