New book about lying

Another new book on lying was published last month. The Truth About Lies by Andy Shea and Steve Van Aperen doesn’t seem to be available in the UK or US, but I have it on order from the publisher and may review it here in due course. (If you’ve read it, please let us all know what you thought via the comments.)

According to the publisher’s blurb:

Ranging from medieval witch-ducking to state-of-the-art truth serums, Andy Shea and Steve Van Aperen use examples from history and from modern-day celebrity cases to spin a tale about lies and lie detection through the ages. They pull apart written and spoken words to show how lies are so hard to carry off because our bodies betray us and, if you know what to look for, how easy they are to spot. The Truth About Lies provides compelling insight into why people lie — and how to make sure you don’t get taken for a ride.

And about the authors:

Andy Shea is a former London police officer turned writer and journalist. Steve Van Aperen was a […] homicide detective but is now a deceptive behaviour expert and FBI-trained polygraph examiner.

The Sydney Morning Herald (20 March) reviews the book here. The SMH discusses (in very broad terms) lying and deception as it applies to political decisions, although the book blurb suggests that it is another ‘how to’ guide to spotting liars.

The Truth About Lies
Andy Shea and Steve Van Aperen
Publisher: ABC Books
IBSN: 0733317030

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