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Non-verbal Behaviour

Jaume Masip’s Non-verbal behaviour links

Comprehensive Body Language site maintained by Marco Pacori – terrific library and links to other online libraries

“Data Face”, the face and emotion website maintained by Joseph C Hager

Brain activity and deception: Brain scanning, ‘brain fingerprinting’, fMRI and ERPs

How to Lie with fMRI

A good resource for those wanting to know more about the caveats on fMRI research:

fMRI Statistics provide another means by which “lie” to produce misleading data, often unintentionally, and it’s essential that readers be aware of some of the pitfalls both when producing and consuming neuroimaging data. This is also not intended as fodder for the anti-fMRI crowd who argue that it’s all bunk– fMRI results can be very robust and reliable but its important that both the producers and consumers know how to determine what’s real.

Other deception-related sites

The Truth About Deception – added 3 Apr 06 – takes a look at deception in romantic relationships. Very much aimed at a lay (and suspicious!) audience, but the advice and commentary is based on reliable research.

Eyes for Lies – added (again!) 15 Mar 07 –  EfL is a natural deception “wizard” and shares her thoughts on deception in this blog.

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