Delusion and Confabulation

The first 2010 issue of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry is a special issue on Delusion and Confabulation and includes the following articles:

  • Delusion and confabulation: Overlapping or distinct distortions of reality? Robyn Langdon; Martha Turner
  • Varieties of confabulation and delusion, Michael D. Kopelman
  • The affective neuropsychology of confabulation and delusion, Aikaterini Fotopoulou
  • The role of personal biases in the explanation of confabulation, Kasey Metcalf ; Robyn Langdon ; Max Coltheart
  • Temporal consciousness and confabulation: Is the medial temporal lobe “temporal”? Gianfranco Dalla Barba ; Marie-Françoise Boissé
  • Novel insights into false recollection: A model of déjà vécu, Akira R. O’Connor ; Colin Lever ; Chris J. A. Moulin
  • Strategic retrieval, confabulations, and delusions: Theory and data, Asaf Gilboa
  • Beauty and belief: William James and the aesthetics of delusions in schizophrenia, Vaughan J. Carr
  • Hypnotic illusions and clinical delusions: Hypnosis as a research method, Rochelle E. Cox ; Amanda J. Barnier
  • The misidentification syndromes as mindreading disorders, William Hirstein
  • Abductive inference and delusional belief, Max Coltheart ; Peter Menzies ; John Sutton
  • Confabulation, delusion, and anosognosia: Motivational factors and false claims, Ryan McKay ; Marcel Kinsbourne
  • Delusion and confabulation: Mistakes of perceiving, remembering and believing, Robyn Langdon ;T im Bayne
  • Confabulation and delusion: A common monitoring framework, Martha Turner ; Max Coltheart

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