fMRI Lie Detection enters the courtroom

UPDATE!  Request to admit No Lie MRI report in California case is withdrawn Stanford Center for Law & the Biosciences Blog, 25 March 09

So depressing. Here’s the coverage so far:

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One thought on “fMRI Lie Detection enters the courtroom”

  1. A lot has occurred in legal decisions since this article was posted March 2009. Regardless of current legal acceptability of fMRI data in the courts, the use of neuroimaging techniques for investigation is certain to grow. Cognitive Engineering, LLC (, in addition to Cephos Corp. and NoLieMRI, uses MRI for truth / deception. CogEng differs in its approach by also applying neuroimaging for face recognition, validating cognitive impairment, demonstrating the sensation of pain, and searching for signals of intent. Neuroimaging technology is very robust, and its use outside of the courts will continue to grow.

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