Job opening at the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment

I don’t usually post details of academic jobs here (they go on Psychology and Crime News instead), but here’s one that may be of particular interest to readers of this blog.

The US DoD Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment (DACA) (formerly the Polygraph Institute) is looking for a Supervisory Research Psychologist to work at its HQ in South Carolina. Their advert on the Chronicle of Higher Education webpage (suggesting that they are after someone with a strong academic background) sets out the duties of DACA as follows:

[DACA] is a federally funded institution responsible for graduate and continuing education courses in psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD), providing oversight inspections and technical and policy assistance to all 23 federal polygraph programs, and is the principal facility for the research and development of credibility assessment methods for the Department of Defense.

The successful applicant “will be responsible for the systematic, critical and intensive investigation for the development of a new and fuller scientific knowledge of credibility assessment for the entire federal government”, managing researchers and support personnel and:

determining DACA research operational plans and research needs, allocating approved resources and accounting for their effective use, developing plans for organizational changes, and planning and managing the future of DACA’s research focus. The successful candidate will represent DACA at federal, national, and international level conferences, seminars and meetings and will be able to testify at judicial proceedings and scientific committee meetings as a technical expert on credibility assessment matters.

You have to be a US citizen and the post requires a high level of security clearance.

More details on the Chronicle site and on USA Jobs.

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