Conference announcement: The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning

brainscanAnywhere near Arizona in a couple of weeks? Arizona State University is running a one day conference on Friday, April 13, entitled The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning: Coming soon to a courtroom near you? The conference is free but you must pre-register.

The conference has four consecutive sessions, on Brain Scanning Technologies; Brain Scanning in the Courts; Specific Applications of Brain Scanning Technologies; and Ethical Aspects of Brain Scanning.

The full line-up of speakers and talks is here. Most of the day looks like being interesting from but from a deception point of view, two particular presentations stand out:

  • Brain Scanning and Lie Detection from Daniel Langleben, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • Legal Admissibility of Neurological Lie Detection Evidence – Archie A. Alexander, Health Law & Policy Institute, University of Houston Law Center

Hat tip to the Neuroethics and Law Blog for bringing this to our attention!

Photo: R_Bish, Creative Commons License

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