Credibility Assessment work at the US Dept of Defense

Via Secrecy News (12 Feb), news of a US Department of Defense Directive [pdf] (number 5210.48, issued 25 Jan 07) relating to the polygraph and “credibility assessment”. The latter term is defined as:

The multi-disciplinary field of existing as well as potential techniques and procedures to assess truthfulness that relies on physiological reactions and behavioral measures to test the agreement between an individual’s memories and statements.

The Directive also transfers existing work on polygraphy and credibility assessment (PCA) to the DoD’s Counter Intelligence Field Activity, which will be responsibile for:

5.2.3. Establish[ing] a process to monitor responsible and effective application of PCA examinations within the Department of Defense.
5.2.4. Establish[ing] DoD PCA standards for education, training, certification, quality assurance, and research.
5.2.5. Properly research[ing] and develop[ing] PCA techniques, instrumentation, and technologies before recommending deployment.
[my emphasis]

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