The scope of No Lie MRI

Neuroethics and Law Blog (8 Nov) highlights out recent amendments to the No Lie MRI website:

No Lie MRI, which currently offers an fMRI-based “truth verification/lie detection” product […] recently amended its website to offer its services to: (1) individuals for “risk reduction in dating, trust issues in interpersonal relationships, and issues concerning the underlying topics of sex, power, and money”; (2) employers as a substitute for drug screenings, resume validation, and security background checks […] and (3) insurance companies for diminishing insurance fraud and lowering insurance premiums

No Lie MRI’s spiffy new front page features pretty pictures of brain scans to add a veneer of scientific respectability to their claims. Scariest of all, the company tells us that it “is presently working to have its testing allowed as evidence in U.S. and State courts“.

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