Juries and deception

jurydomeDeliberations, a blog about “Law, news, and thoughts on juries and jury trials” has been keeping my attention since its launch in February.

Anne Reed, a trial lawyer and jury consultant from Wisconsin, posts regularly on research and news relating to juries and court cases. If you have an interest in the psychology of juries – or even just a more general interest in forensic psychology – it’s well worth adding to your list of required reading.

Last week Anne published two posts on deception with specific reference to trials: Deceived about deception and How to expose a lie, and was nice enough to make some kind comments about this blog. Thanks Anne!

Photo credit: Duo de Hale, Creative Commons License

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  1. Thanks, Emma, for the kind words, and I love that you chose that beautiful picture of the dome. I’ve had my eye on that one too. Have a great Sunday.


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