Lie-test plan for sex offenders

From BBC News (1 December). Despite the title of the news item, the effectiveness of polygraphy with sex offenders is probably more about ‘truth facilitation’ than ‘lie detection’.

Sex offenders could face compulsory lie detector tests in future after a pilot project was judged a success. The Home Office will now consult on the scheme, which aims to monitor offenders’ behaviour in the community.

[…] Professor Don Grubin, of Newcastle University, who led the pilot study, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the aim was to use the lie-detector tests alongside other measures. “The aim is not to catch offenders out who have re-offended. The aim is to prevent them from re-offending in the first place,” he said. “So we use the lie-detector as part of a broader package of measures to try to understand what offenders are doing, what sort of behaviours they’re engaging in and whether their risk is increasing.”

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